If a child is born to a Somali woman and Pakistani dad in Kenya. But they return to pakistan and have pakistani citizenship. Is the child?

Considered somali-pakistani? (Since mom is somali)


The child cannot inherit Somali citizenship from its mother as under that nation's laws only the father carries any clout. He would however be considered Pakistani because his father was Pakistani. Had the mother been Pakistani he wouldn't though because that country has similar disenfranchisement of women.


No, sounds like the child is Pakistani


The child is just a child. Mixed origins are more and more common, and can be a blessing. Hopefully the child is growing with the culture and language of her Hooyo as well those of her Baapu. I'm not sure if Somali citizenship law allows the child to get Somali citizenship, in any case it would be of little practical use until Somalia gets back on its feet. She can define herself as Pakistani/Somali if she wishes.


The child is half Somali and half Pakistani and it’s nationality is now Pakistani as well had it not had Pakistani citizenship granted it would be a Kenyan citizen. Definitely Somali-Pakistani yes


You are what your parents are Pakistani-Somali, in terms of citizenship in most cases you can be a citizen of all 3 countries, like my friend was born in Ireland to an Irish mam with a French dad, they all live in Ireland he has an Irish and a French passport and he considers himself half French half Irish. I think of him as irish as myself he speaks in an Irish accent plays irish sports he does everything we do, he was actually born in France and lived there for the first 3 years, so yeah the person you speak of can be any of those 3 countries i think the question is which culture do they best match? That's them.