If a DACA dreamer were to go back to their country and apply for a visa what visa should they use?


Lisa A

Any visa that they qualify for


One which they fit the criteria to get

ibu guru

IF they returned to their country of citizenship before they turned 18, they would not be penalized for their parents' illegal acts. They can apply for any visa they fully qualify for. Or an immediate relative who is a US citizen & who earns enough to support self, all dependents, plus them, & has a home for them in US, can file a petition for their immigration. If they only return to their own country after their 18th birthday, they become subject to bar to reentry, and must complete that before they can apply for any visa, or before any qualified immediate relative can file a petition for their immigration. DACA does not change their status as an illegal alien, nor prevent penalties for prior illegal stay. Their record of prior violation(s) will always be against them, and make it unlikely they will ever be approved for any visa. In short, illegal aliens smuggled in as minor children need to go home before they turn 18. That's their "get out of jail free card." Once they turn 18, if they choose, as an ADULT, to continue violating the law, they are penalized.


They could only apply for one they're qualified to get. So either they have professional skills to enable them to get an employer sponsored work visa or they're being sponsored by a citizen family member. The majority of DACA recipients have neither of these things and so wouldn't have any recourse to return to the US legally. Think about it, if all DACA people had to do was go home and reenter with a visa they wouldn't continue to be a political football because they'd all have done that already. By in large they don't qualify for immigration, and that's the problem.


The visa that says "I will comply with the rules of this and not break them."

Lone Star Patriot

A permanent resident visa (I.e. "Green Card").

Dru Zod

What do they want to do? They should probably apply for an H1-B visa. A work visa If they have skills that are useful it should be the quickest