What do you think of my idea for a cheaper barrier alternative to Trumps wall. Links below.?

First some anti tank rails embedded deep into the ground. These could stop any vehicle coming at the wall. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maginot_Line#/media/File:Antitankrails.jpg Next Concertina wire fences. These could be made of Oil-tempered barbed wire, this was developed during World War I; it was much harder to cut than ordinary barbed wire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concertina_wire Finally remote underground sonar stations, to detect anyone tunneling under this barrier, give border patrol a heads up on a tunneling operation, allowing border patrol agents to know where a tunnel will open up on the US side and catch anyone coming out through it.

Mr. Smartypants

I can see you've given the matter some thought! People whose job it is to understand border security say physical barriees are appropriate in some places but not others. Some places can be patrolled with technology (telescopes, drones, sensors on the ground) and some will require just 'human resources' A 30 ft. wall from sea to shining sea, as Trump promised, was never really a solution. It wasn't really meant to be! It was never supposed to be anything but a slogan, a campaign talking point. The Democrats want to pass other border control plans, more complex and perhaps a lot more efficient ane effective. They might include, in some places, hardened concertina wire and rails to stop vehicles. But Trump's plan isn't really about stopping immigrants, it's about showing who's boss. He will probably end up getting a few hundred miles of chain link fence built, then posing with it and claiming it's his 'wall'. BTW, you do know what happened with the Maginot Line, don't you? 8^)


Don't quit your day job. But that fat orange faced idiot should.