Do you think that there is a fifth colum conspiracy of fanatical wicked leftists in the United States to actually overthrow the United.....?

States and create an international Marxist Socialist Elitist Dominated One World Government Order.


I hope so, but no.


do you think there other are stupid 10 year old trolls like you who just want to fight about crap all the time?


Possibly. That might be what Obama had in mind when he said his goal was to "fundamentally transform America."


their is some people who are feeding libtards news to help destabalize america.....its the only way to over take this country......divide from within...make our college age children be children....dumb then down ...make them belive that socialism is the greatess knowing we are to big of a diverse for it to succed..socialism will bring america economicaly down to nothing.......then the second phase of operation overtake america begins........BUT all this will be labeled conspiracy talk and ignored..until its too late




Yes I do, and it all begins with George Soros..He along with others like Obama do want to destroy this great democracy. A lot of Demorats don't realize, or want to believe what is going on. There are people in this world that think a one world order, with no borders is a great thing, and I believe that includes the Pope. It is happening all over the world through immigration and the mind controlling liberal propaganda media machine.