How do we save the US from having people sell it out to the demonic UN whose globalist agenda will institute the One World Government?

We need to save freedom and liberty and need to get out of the UN globalist agenda that wants to create a One World Government that will oppress everyone in the world. How do we pull out of the UN and make sure the dictatorship of the entire world never happens?


Do you know what you are talking about, it doesn't look like it. You seem like a clueless troll to me.


The globalist agenda was a cooperation of Countries that wont allow coward countries like Russia take over weaker countries like the Ukraine, Georgia, Poland Czck's. That's good to allow all the wealth to the very few, like the Choke Bros. wants. The middle class has been getting squeezed for decades. We no longer build a middle class, we squeeze it to a few pay checks away from poverty.


It's called the constitution.


the UN is now Muslims .........................................