Is the UN right when it says “The best-selling brand in our world today is fear, It gets ratings. It wins votes. It generates clicks”? Does hate sell well?


I think they are, and it has got a lot worse over the last decade.

Jacks Ans

Its always been the best selling brand its just that today its become the easiest best selling brand.

Andrew the Mullin

Yep, the hate mongers are out in force.


The UN gets all its funding by threatening non-consenting persons with imprisonment, so who is trading in hate hmm? You’ve got a brain. Use it.


Spend 10 minutes reading through some of the questions on Current Events and see for yourself.


UN was created by the Rothschilds it's satanic - satan and demons want to scare us but Jesus told us not to be scared


They could have a point, it is the tactic being used by Brexiters


I am just glad that they are there. I worry about Russia trying to get us kicked out.