Run off and join?

hey! im looking for organizations you can just run off and join. School isnt going well, and i have no interest in the military, im not trying to make alot of money, and alot of voluteer work can cost big bucks, what are my options?

Ninefinger is a Pedophile

`Here is a 2019 Ninefinger Poetry Preview. Easter Bunny Ninefinger's Van on Easter Lures kids with candy & money He carries a basket of sicko Posing as the Easter bunny Valentine's Day Ninefinger's Van is everywhere It pervs in every way Luring children o so sick With candy on Valentine's Day January Winter Cold Ninefinger's Van is a piece of junk But it runs on the coldest days You can't stop a perv from being a perv They can't change their deviant ways


There are many intentional NGOs that would welcome your services.


Another snowflake bites the dust


The circus?