Why does Trump brag on making NATO pay more?

Before President Trump came in or before he was elected, the NATO allies had already agreed to raise defense spending to 2 percent of their GDPs by 2024, and that hasn't changed. Even though the president claims they'll be getting there at a faster rate, we haven't seen any details about that. Emmanuel Macron says, no, we're sticking to our original plan to get to 2 percent by 2024.


They are the European “mexico”

Vincent G

Because it may distract from the fact that he is a traitor. Everything Trump says and does is directed to making people forget he is Putin's puppet.


Nothing New, For nearly 50 years people in the know have complained of the U.S. of A. paying an excessive amount to support he NATO. Trump appears to be the first President to do something about it.


They decided on their budgets while we were shut down.


Liberals like Macron make life so miserable for ordinary people that there's weekly riots against his misrule. What's happening in France is actually a snapshot of what would be happening in America had they been stupid enough to elect a sociopath like Hillary.

Uncle Pennybags

Just heard an interview with the Secretary General of NATO commending the President for making NATO stronger by shaming the other NATO member nations into paying their fair share. That's why.