Can you call the court and see if someone has filed any court cases against you?

Like some crazy person trying to get revenege it would be something civil like a lien or something like that


they'll let you know ............................................


The filings are public record, but the method to get the information varies by the court. In Las Vegas, where I live, the information is available online for free, but you have to go to the clerk of the court to get full copies. Some allow telephone. Many require in-person. What you see is filed civil and criminal charges. You do not see if someone files a police report or just visits the District Attorney as a complaint until the DA files charges in a criminal case. Eventually, you get served with papers or arrested and know about it.


yeah - or you could just check online...


You can call the police department to ask if they have any warrants in your name. They may or may not comply.


In Montana someone can file a lien against property and there is NO verification that the property owner gets notified. My mothers estate was had a lien and no notification and when it was sold the lien got paid off automatically. the person who filed the lien knew this and since the sale was for medicaid for her there was no effort to protest the lien and he got away with it.


Yes, but you should also check your credit to make sure no one put a lien on your property. They do not need to sue you for that. What Is a Property Lien? | A lien on your house, mobile home, car, or other property makes your title unclear. To clear up the title, you must pay off the lien. Thus, creditors know that putting a lien on property is a cheap and almost guaranteed way of collecting what they are owed—sooner or later.


i dunno maybe .. bureaucrats arnt very organized though lol that wouldnt be a sure thing either way .. if you have a suit against you you'll get served papers by a sheriff probably ..