Do you think I should’ve called the cops on my local Modell’s?

They have some of the laziest, slowest middle aged women working there. Every time I try to use a VALID coupon, they make up every excuse not to accept it. Like one Christmas, I found a 15 percent coupon in the sale paper, so I used it to buy an Aaron Judge jersey which was $109. So, I gave them the coupon but they couldn’t accept it because apparently the coupon didn’t include sports jerseys! I mean seriously, sports jerseys literally make up 75 percent of the store’s merchandise!!! So I thought, okay whatever, and paid the full price. And then a year later, I went to a Yankees game and there was a Modell’s coupon on the back of my ticket which said it can be used anytime throughout the 2018 season!!! So, the next day, I went back there to buy a Giancarlo Stanton jersey with it but this time, their excuse was that the ticket expired and that the Yankees must have reused old paper to print new tickets! Again, it said the ticket was VALID THROUGHOUT THE 2018 SEASON!!!


Call the cops for what? Almost (all) coupons will have exclusions. One of the worst out there is CVS. I will get a 10-20 or up to 40% off, but excludes pharmacy, gift cards, greeting cards etc, etc. Then it only (applies) for (non) sale merchandise. So you have to pay (full) price to get the discount. Stop shopping at Modell's and find another store instead.