Filed a false claim for a protection order?

Had a protection ordered filed against me , have text from her stating she was forced to do it and what to write . Went to court where she admitted she was forced and that three of her statement were not true , Judge warned her of perjury ,she then asked to have it dismissed . Told her that was considering talking to a lawyer about what she ( they ) did . She was married and got caught , she gave me money and I gave her money , she also gave me hand written notes stating she would pay an amount , do these note equal a contract , they now have threatened to talk to police , what do I do


You didn't refine your LIE enough to make it plausible. If the judge believed what you claim he said, charges WOULD have been filed against both of them.


talk to a lawyer about suing and show the notes from her with her signature on it


Go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.