How do i stop att from sending me copyright infringement notices?

It is none of there business what i download how can i make them stop? also, what is a good vpn?


Actually, if you're using their services to download anything illegally then it is their business. They're giving you a chance to change your activity before they take action.


You stop infringing on copyrights or get a lawyer to fight their claim that you are in violation.

Barry A

If you are using ATT services for downloading copyrighted material, then they can and will step in. If the copyright holder decides to make a claim, then ATT would turn you over so fast, it would make you dizzy. And once they've sent you a couple of notices, and they see yous suddenly switch to a vpn, they will throttle your speed WAY down


You do it until they cancel your account. You are using THEIR services to commit a crime. Yes it actually is their business.