I am being yelled at and mistreated at home can I legally leave at 26 years old!?

So I am a nice lonely high functioning autistic boy! I am having a very hard time! I was bullied by gangs and got in trouble for protecting myself and running away! I got cheated and scammed by four girls back in high school and I am to scared to go to college cause I can afford it and it ll just be like high school! Now I am 26 years old stuck at home on disability and I never get my money! I take care of my grandma and she s getting worse everyday and my mom sister fights me everyday and out in public and I have a mean uncle that s power of attorney and judges an yells at me and tries to control me! I don t know what to do anymore! I tried getting a job four times and got rejected! I have nowhere else to gobor have any friends or a girlfriend to go to! I been very depressed and unhappy since high school! What I want to do is pack up leave walk away and just become homeless! Can I leave and do what I want without any trouble?

Pascal the Gambler

Unless a court has declared you unfit, you can do whatever you want.


You're not a "boy" at twenty-six years old. It's hard to make an accurate answer without knowing why your uncle has power of attorney.