I’m new to Los Angeles and I got a traffic ticket how do I get less charge at court?

So I got a ticket in Culver City for not stopping completely at a res light before turning right. I’m new to Los Angeles and still have a non out of state California drivers license. My court date is tomorrow. What should I tell the judge to get a less cost of charge? (My ticket is 490 dollars). Should I tell him I am from out of state and ask for a cheaper charge? Or should I ask for traffic school instead of paying it all? Thank you so much for any help you can give you SoCal geniuses!!!


get there early , talk to the prosecutor , tell him you only have 450 and can you cop a plea for a lesser charge ? that's about the best you can get . the new in the state bit won't fly .

A Hunch

If you don't care about the ticket being a point on your insurance, go to court and ask if you can do community service instead of pay the fine. This is legal in most parts of California. If you don't want the point on your ticket, you are required to pay: - the ticket - a court fee to attend traffic school - traffic school. You probably need to do this today. Once you have attended traffic court, it is usually too late to attend traffic school.

Justin Thyme

Pay the fine or go to jail, your choice.


Hire a lawyer. Of course, that would cost you more than the ticket but you might win.


no matter what you tell him. The stop sign rule is the same everywhere The wheels have to stop turning when at a stop sign pay the judge as he has heard all of the crap before


Plead not guilty and set a trial. Then arrange to speak to a prosecutor. The judge has no authority t change the complaint.