Last year, a homeless woman tried to stab me as I was leaving the gym and I hit her. Another guy leaving the gym intervened and got stabbed?

No charges were filed against me, and the woman ran off. He seemed fine, she only got him in the arm, but now he has filed a lawsuit against me claiming I assaulted a woman requiring him to get involved. I referred it to my insurance, but what are the chances he could win? I don't see how I could be considered at fault.


If you have provided ALL the facts and circumstances in your statement above .... then he will not win in court. A savvy investigator will want to know more. Why was she trying to stab you? Were you able to defend yourself? Did you file a police report? Did you ask for his help? Do you know her or him? Do they know each other? When an issue this simple gets to court, it's never this simple.


His suit should be against the person who stabbed him.....