So why is it my fault that a kid got sick from playing in my wolfsbane that was in a fenced off property and my wolfsbane was also fenced?

I was released ( i was charged with child endangerment) the parents blamed me for their dumb @ss kid getting sick. I was found not guilty because the kid shouldn't have gone passed two F-ing fences and the jury realized that.


its not and thats why they found you not guilty


Lots of plants are poisonous. If a kid tresspasses on your property, especially if you've put up barriers, and gets into a poisonous plant, it's the parents' fault, not the property owner's fault.

Rufus T. Firefly

It wasn't your fault ultimately. But initially you were suspected to be at fault because we're in a STERILIZED culture where no one is responsible for their own children. Just drive through a parking lot where parents let their kids run ahead behind cars or lag behind in the middle of the aisle. Wait for pedestrians to cross. Observe how many just trust all cars will stop, keeping their eyes on their phones, earphones in, or looking straight ahead. When I cross the street, buds come out, eyes look left and right and when cars are still coming to a stop, I'm watching. You were assumed to be at fault because no one is responsibility for themselves anymore. (So they think).


That's nuts. Wolf's Bane grows. That's what it does. And married chicks dig it for some reason. For couples, Wolf's Bane -- especially that constantly seen purple variety -- -- is to the wife as functional model steam trains are to husbands. Each keeps the other's spouse from looking for entertainment elsewhere. .