What is considered home care fraud?

And is it considered fraud if the client is alert and actually able to do everything for themself, and only has the home health aide in their house cooking, cleaning, handwashing their underwear, adjusting their thermostat every 45 minutes, and bringing them drinks and snacks occasionally while they just lay in bed and watch TV all day; and on top of that, they are verbally abusive towards the home health aide? Or if the person receiving care has a primary caretaker who lives with them and does almost everything for them and for the most part just has the HHA just cooking and cleaning while the client and their primary caretaker and other loved ones just sit around all day making fun of the HHA?


Elderly people are just sometimes grumpy. But if their other family members are making fun of you, I would look for another job.


It is perfectly legal to hire a home care professional for things you can do yourself. Filing a claim for insurance or government funding to pay for it may be fraud.


If you have an issue with your job assignment, speak to your supervisor. It isn't your job to investigate fraud, but you can give the information to management and ask not to be scheduled at that home.

Jimmy C

A secret video of that would be enough to expose any fraud.