Why are there people who think rape is hot?

ive been on pornhub and there was a video where consent was niot given. and the whole comment section was filled with people saying "wish i could rape her" "of course she is tied up, you're her dad she's your property" and so on. why are people like this

Steve H

Some people are simply faulty. It's not normal to enjoy causing another person pain, suffering and brutal humiliation. Yet this is the exact atmosphere rapists often tend to enjoy. They probably wouldn't want to be raped themselves, but somehow think it's okay to perform atrocious acts upon an unfortunate. Rapists are very cruel people and need to be removed from society, until they can be intensively taught how to control their violent impulses.


Fetish maybe. they like the rap because it tends people's love relationship and rap i wouldn't call it hot. i would say they like it but they just like it cause it's got good rhythm and stuff i guess.


Most little millenial Snowflakes have NO idea that rape is incredibly violent and includes beating; very close to murder. It is NOT slap and tickle. And anyone who watches porn is a complete retard, because all of that is staged, plus people who watch that stuff are degenerates who are not capable of real relationships.