Are you "free" to assault someone with your hands if they are preventing you from leaving?

my boyfriend likes to retort to me with "I wish you would hit me then that gives me the right to defend myself". but he also often, in an argument, i want to leave and he will block the exit or hold me down so i cannot leave. so, do i have the right to hit him if he is preventing me from leaving? sometimes i tell him "let me go or i will hit you" and he just says go ahead so he can then knock me out without fear of legal reprocussion since i assaulted him first.


You have the right to file criminal charges on him and you should.

The oak72

Why are you even calling him your boyfriend? He obviously has no respect for you, how could anybody behave that way towards someone they supposed to be in a loving relationship with? Get the F*** out of there as soon as you safely can, this guy is not right and you should not even consider spending any more of your precious time with him.


Leave that man before he ends up killing you!


its illegal to hold someone hostage, so i would think yeah.

Spock (rhp)

yes. he's illegally restraining you ... it's akin to kidnapping


time for you to find another guy what are you doing tonight?

Uncle Pennybags

And why are you with this asshole still? The way I look at it you have 2 options. 1. Next time he's keeping your prisoner and threatening you with violence if you resist, you call the police and sick the law on him. He'll regret the day he ever pulled that BS on you. 2. You learn a way to incapacitate him with a single blow so he can't hit you back, and then you do it. A knee to the groin perhaps. But seriously, #2 is the last resort option. Try leaving him or #1 first.


And now that you know you're dating a psycho the only question remaining is why the hell are you still with this maniac.

duck you sucker!

This action is a felony; kidnapping . Anytime anyone takes you where you dont want to go or prevents you from going where you want to Is kidnapping. U have a right to deter him as much as you have to to get away.. I dont Recommend it if he is crazy and thinks you trying to get by is "assault:" and gives him right to : "defend himself". Leave Him.


YES Holding you against your will to move freely about (Kidnapping, Restraining movement) When done you have a right to get free (Defending yourself)


What he is doing is considered kidnapping, when he wont allow you to leave. RUN, don't walk, AWAY FROM HIM IMMEDIATELY. And get a protection order. I GUARANTEE AT SOME POINT, He is Seriously going to hurt you.


that would be a matter for law enforcement BUT why stay w/that dolt if he is an abusive anus ?? time to leave for good


NO. However, if they don't have legal cause to detain you, using your hands to physically remove them from you path isn't assault.


You're not "free" to assault anyone. Assault is a crime. You are free to defend yourself. Consider this scenario: I walk up to you and punch you in the face and run away. I have assaulted you. If you chase me down and hit me back, you have assaulted me; that is NOT self defense. Self defense is using the necessary amount of force to preserve your life and well-being. The "necessary amount" is determined at law by what a "reasonable & prudent person would do". That said, if he is blocking your exit, and there is another exit, use the other exit. If he is blocking your exit and you can dial 911, dial 911. If he is blocking your exit and you feel it reasonable and prudent to knock him on his butt to get out, go for it. If he is forcibly holding you down then you are pretty much free to do whatever you need to extricate yourself from that situation. Remember that facts & circumstances always matter in the court room.


No. You have a duty to retreat.


You could hit him, but I think that would give him the excuse and alibi for beating the living tar out of you. Either that, or if you leave discernible marks on him, he may just call the police and have them charge you with assault. Either result is bad for you so think twice before doing something like that. Your best choice is to leave. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship.