Attempting suicide?

What happens if you get caught for attempting suicide by the police? I’m not actually going to or even want to, I just want to know what happens to those who do it.


Not much they can do. They'll take you to get medical help and you may be institutionalized if your regarded as a threat to your self or others but you did break any laws so there won't be legal action.


Probably be put in an institution


they take u to the hospital.


The police do their best to prevent it, if they succeed they'll make the necessary arraignments to have the person placed in a mental facility for evaluation. No criminal charges if that's what you're asking.


They grab you and you get 72 hrs-a week or maybe more in a mental facility. If you are deemed OK to go home, U go home. Often judge tries some Pansy : "5 year gun ban" that he Cannot enforce. Even if no gun involved. No charges, no, but you Might get an incompetence ruling you might have to fight. Can take years and $$ evaluation at Your cost to get it off your record. Think of the Future--some places cant hire you with such a ruling. EDIT: Did hear of One case in Tucson where suicidal dentist short thru screen by TPD. A psychiatrist was there; it was NOT procedure. It has been sued over, IDK what verdict was. When a specialist on scene, he is supposed to be allowed to talk the suicide out and get him to drop gun if he has one. Tucson cops are assholes, so this is not necessarily: " proper procedure" Either in All states/cities/Countries. I am sure England negotiates the heck out of it, if it takes 'til Tea-Time..

Concerned Dad

You say "holy hell, that could have been really bad, I nearly killed myself!" Then walk away.


You get checked by a mental health specialist and given some happy pills.


In many places, it is on the books as a criminal offense. Not saying one would go to jail for it, but it's possible.