Calling all potheads, stoners, & urinalysis champs. so my husband had a drug test...?

Husband had a drug test & he doesn’t smoke much at all. He’ll take a few hits off my joint, nothing crazy, nothing consistent. He was drug tested on a thursday & ate one small bite of a weed brownie the night before (not knowing about the surprise drug test the next day) .. well upon hearing about his drug test the next morning, he took some water pills, not sure of the brand. Took 2 of those, & then chugged a QCarbo32 detox herbal cleanse drink, he chugged the biggest one they had & chugged more water. He urinated at least 3 times before the test itself.. & then took the test roughly 2 hours later. He only used his midstream urine, & It had color to It because of the Detox drink.. that way his urine didn’t LOOK too diluted. What are the chances of him passing? I understand it’s different for absolutely everybody, but who has had succes stories with a similar situation? As i said again though, he’s not at all a consistent smoker, just happened to have a lil edible. & i also understand that the detox drink & what not doesn’t make him “clean” , It just masks It for the time being. please don’t answer with stupid *** irrelevant remarks (:

Pascal the Gambler

Chances of him passing are almost zero Drinking water and "detox drinks" doesn't help your body magically process out the metabolites faster. Doesn't' matter how consistent he is, etc.


He is not going to pass the test. You are going to have to go back to pole dancing at Rocko's. Enjoy.


First thing they do is a specific gravity test which will show its a diluted sample so that's a red flag, plus those so called detox kits are a waste of money as they neither eliminate or even mask thc Never used but run the tests


The chances he will pass are slim to none. That’s why employers pull surprise drug tests. They “assume” that if they advised people in advance the people wouldn’t eat the laced brownie and would wait until after the drug test to indulge. “Watering down” in my State is an automatic failure. It’s not about “looks.” It’s about testing. The watering down will show. Watering down doesn’t mask anything. In theory it washes the residue out of a person’s system. Is this relevant enough info for you?


My honest opinion is that you should move somewhere where it is legal. I don't understand why people put up with that random drug testing crap for marijuana in this day and age. It's time for people to stand up and say that it is wrong - because it is wrong! Drinking alcohol the night before work affects people's performance WAY MORE. The hypocrisy is staggering. If enough people just refused to participate with those unethical tests they would disappear quickly. As always people have to stand up for themselves or tyranny will thrive. Just imagine what would happen if everyone who disagreed with those tests suddenly refused to take them? My guess is that the people who dislike them outnumber the people who like them, making it a situation of a few people controlling the lives of the many. And why?


With all the detox chemicals he just sent up big red flags. So even if he pass's. They may send it in for a 2nd better test. Why they ask if any other things might show up on the first test.


He has a very slim, marginal chance of passing. But here's the bigger concern. You have posted the problem. You have posted that he works for the US Government. You are NOT as invisible on Yahoo as you appear to believe you are. Ask this guy about posting sensitive info: “Does it feel like Yahoo Answers has gotten dangerous? I had the police come to my house in real life only a few days ago and some users call me and my family disgusting things. I think my days of Yahoo Answers are coming to an end thank you to all the Users that have treated me fairly I consider you friends” You think your husband is worried about passing or not passing? Wait until he hears what you've posted.


maybe..before the results come in he can talk to his boss...,mention that he casually smokes every now and then but doesnt see how it affects him or the company in any way shape or fact a lawsuit should be made