Drinking vodka for the first time?

I'm about 5'2 & 102 pounds. I've gotten wine tipsy before (I just chugged some of the bottle lmao) but I've never tried beer or vodka, and I'm trying vodka for the first time tomorrow with some friends. I was thinking of doing one or two shots ONLY, because I do NOT want to get too screwed over. You can probably guess my age my now. Is two shots too many, and in what time span should I take them? I just want to get buzzed, not drunk. Being drunk isn't fun. Being buzzed is. being drunk doesn't sound fun* the shot glasses will, to my knowledge, be small*

Rick B

Dont do any shots. Drink a mixed drink slowly and enjoy it. Vodka and tonic with a squeeze of lime and lots of ice is great. Slamming a drink when you have NO IDEA how it will impact you is very stupid.


Do NOT fall for the "Nothing's happening so I'll have more". It takes about 20 minutes for the alcohol to get into your blood.


a trolls age


Forget vodka... tequila is what you need!!