How can someone be charged with cyber harassment on only at best circumstantial evidence if not contradictory evidence?

My daughter has an ex-friend she put behind her because she was toxic. This toxic ex-friend tried to add her roommate to her social media accounts. The roommate told my daughter about it and my daughter told her to block her. The roommate knew about this person because my daughter had shared their history. The roommate was told again to block her, but instead she communicated nasty messages to the toxic ex-friend. Because of a personal reference to a nickname of which the roommate was aware, the toxic ex-friend and her parent assumed the contact was from my daughter and contacted the police. Now my daughter is the only person of interest and the roommate was allowed to claim in a statement that my daughter had taken her phone w/out her knowledge, even though her roommate is never w/out her phone. The messages sent by the roommate are similar to other messages she's sent to other friends of our daughter, same if not similar words, subjects, and pictures. Our questions: 1. How did the toxic ex-friend know to add our daughter's roommate on social media? Are those odds so great that it cannot be a coincidence? 2. Why didn't the roommate block her as instructed? 3. Why was the roommate allowed to be seen as having no responsibility when the messages came from her phone and social media account? 4. How can my daughter prove her innocence if it's her word against her (now ex) roommate? Thank you so much! I appreciate any insight and advice you can offer!


There is no such thing as "cyberbullying" or even "cyber harassment." There used to be this saying that went, "Sticks and stones might break my bones, but words can never hurt me." It means you have little control over a propelled rock breaking your arm. You do have control over how to respond to someone's verbal barrage. Bullying involves an element of force. It's a person forcing you to do something so he can have his way. No one can force you to do anything over a computer. You can--on a practical level--just ignore people on the internet. People like this SEEK your attention and your distress. If you respond with distress, then you have lost their little head game. It's like the people who would prank phone call. If they could not get a rise out of you, then they would quickly move on. The other option is to play head games with them. Most people who frequently play head games are not very good at it. They are often insecure. Playing your own head games will turn the tables. People today have thin skin. You can't control what people think of you. There is always someone who is going to have something to say about you. Who gives a f*ck. Be your own person. Today's society has redefined bullying to ridiculous lengths. Every little thing that everyone says is not bullying. Life is full of obstacles, annoyances, and things you just don't like. Stop using government to intervene in these situations. And contacting the police is joke. Grow some thick skin. Grow a pair. Man up. Use whatever phrase you like. Prepare for life that is not always friendly.


Might just end up with restraining orders.