I have a question about house arrest?

I have never been on it, I’ve seen movie with people on it and always wonder a few questions. Like how does it work? How are you supposed to pay bills, buy food. You can’t leave for work, or can you? You know things like that. Please and thank you

Coffee Drinker

I had a coworker one time who was on house arrest. Basically he had to wear a GPS tracking device on his ankle and get permission from a parole officer to go anywhere. He was allowed to work but he had to coordinate his schedule. He worked 3 days per week at the same time everyday, so that was automatically approved. There were several times when we were behind and the part time employees had to work an extra day, and when that happened our boss would have to call that guy's parole officer and tell them he was asking him to come to work the next day. I think he was also allowed to run basic errands such as stopping at the bank to cash his paycheck and going to the grocery store, but that had to be coordinated and had strict limits on how long he could take for those errands.


I believe they have a curfew They have to be in by a certain hour For example, they must be at home by 7pm They can leave to go to work as long as thats part of the agreement with their probation office and they must return home by the designated time or else they are violating their probation/parole terms and are subject to return to jail. Yes, you're allowed to go to work. Same applies for students being able to go to school etc.