Is there a limit to how many tickets a cop can write at one traffic stop?

Can someone be pulled over and get, say, 50 tickets?


There is no legal limit to the amount of tickets you can be issued. I've seen several violations before, but I can't imagine someone breaking 50 different laws at the same time. The best example I can think of would be a police chase. I suppose the officer could document every stop sign you run, but they usually just issue one for fleeing and one for reckless driving. I don't know of a court that would convict someone of 50 violations from the same stop.


Did you speed,fail to stop'have a inspection. properly working vehicle,text use phone,drink.[there is ten]


Yes. The limit is how many infractions there are.

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When his book is full... Nowadays, I think they use a laptop or something.Even TED of TPD has something similar in their travel trunk. So; almost infinite tickets in theory, but, I'm sure a cop would get chewed out if he clogged system with 50 tickets. Takes more tax money for cop to write it , it get processed, and court time than most fines are worth. Cops Hate paperwork; in your case, he would let a lot go and concentrate on one or two major infractions. Might tow the car, too.


If you violated 50 laws, yes. He could write you 50 tickets.

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He can write as many for however many infractions of the law have occured. Don't drive like an idiot.


There is NO limit.


Technically yes One ticket for every infraction


There is no actual limit, but if more than 5 are justified, I expect the officer would have more than sufficient grounds for an arrest.


50 tickets for one person? I dont think its possible. I think after a certain number say 5 or maybe 10 your arrested and talen into custody.