Is this a low risk, low penalty way to steal and get a decent payoff?

I dont understand why people knock off gas stations using a gun or the threat of force. Armed robbery gets you several years in the gray bar hotel, all for the $63.86 they had in the register. That s not much of a haul considering the risk. If I were a crook, I would put on a nice pair of shoes, some slacks and a collar shirt and go door to door saying I m collecting for some local charity or organization, and then keep the money. I would park a couple blocks away and walk to the houses I hit so the residents wouldnt see my vehicle or license plate number and I would only hit a small handful of houses in each neighborhood so if someone gets suspicious and calls the police, I may have moved on to a different neighborhood by the time they arrive. Think it wont work? Well for legitimate charities and scammers alike, SOMEONE must be giving them money, otherwise all those door knockers would be out of business. Some wont answer the door, many wont contribute, but enough will that I could likely make a hundred bucks an hour on a slow day. One saturday of work for a weeks salary for the average guy. And the best part is, in my State, its not a felony if you steal less than a thousand worth of cash or property. As even the most generous people wont give me close to that, if the police ever bust me for one of these ecounters, they can only get me on a misdemeanor. The legal expenses when I occassionally get caught would simply be a cost of doing illicit business. Great plan?


You forgot the part where video cameras that are now everywhere picked up you and your car. You are a perfect example of how criminals get caught -- they are simply stupid, but think they are smart.

Ominous Cowherd

There's going to be a paper trail that proves what you did when you cash all those checks. You don't actually believe that people are going to hand cash to some random stranger knocking on the door, do you? Idiotic idea.


Still illegal, Skippy. Most everyone has home surveillance cameras, now. You're busted. Most people call 911 as soon as you show up at the door. Oh, and let's not forget, many homeowners are locked and loaded.

Bill G

Yes, become a politician.


what youre talking about nnight be illegal too