My door was broken by police during a raid, can I make them repair the damage?

They had a warrant but found nothing. The damaged my door which was unlocked.


You can't make them do anything. You can file a claim with the city


Not Directly. You can file a claim with city; it might be honored. Or, small claims, if damage under $5,000. Filing is free.

boomer 63

why should I have to hire a repairman to fix it ..the door was unlocked why not just try to open the door instead of busting in. I am 71 years old and dont have the money for this


yes, but it will be a big long pain to do


It's my understanding you can request that they pay for the damage but I think they rarely do reimburse people.

Jerry S

I regret to say no.


They had a warrant Unless you have evidence the warrant was issued without reasonable cause, those 4 words void your claim.

New World Man

I'm pretty sure you have to fix it first, and save all recipts - so you get THE total cost.

Bill G

"They had a warrant but found nothing" If they had a no-knock warrant, they gave probable cause to a judge that you could be dangerous. That usually means drugs and guns. You must have had your drugs and guns hidden somewhere outside of your house at the time. Just be glad your stuff wasn't found, pay for a new door, and get over it. You might not be so lucky next time.


Yes if the police did break down your door and found no evidence of any wrongdoing at the scene I believe they should cover the damages in that instance. But uh... you can't exactly make them repair it you hire someone to do that and then u make them pay for it


Good luck, cops are exempted from personal responsibility. They could have beaten, raped and killed you with impunity


The police dont have to repair anything! Who do you think YOU are?The police have a right to break in if they suspect suspicious activity and if they have a warrant like you mentioned. If your door was broken during the event, that’s too bad. Hire a repairman to fix it.


Are you serious, ever read about going to wrong house, killing the homeowners and while walking out the door they're like" yep, sucks to be you".