Was empire actor attack a hoax?

tmz said that empire actor was attacked by 2 white people saying this is maga country and tied a noose around the neck. but the police department released statement that victim did not know the race and never said anything about trump or maga it was a robbery and they used a clothes line to choke him. why would the news lie?


It's starting to look that way. But it wasn't meant to be a hoax, it was meant to be a political stab. Like the countless frauds who file false police reports claiming "a truck of white men wearing MAGA hats ripped off my hijab and started screaming terrorist and beat me".....I'm SO glad that chick was convicted. But it's what we've come to expect from the left. They have no substance to use as the basis for their poor-me-I'm-oppressed gambit, so they feel the need to manufacture it. LUCKILY.....and just like in this fraud case as well, everyone has a camera so the truth comes out.


It’s called “motivated reasoning “ in psychology.

Anonymous: As of an hour ago

As of an hour ago: Police confirmed they spoke to a woman who lives in Smollett's building who told them she saw a man with a rope near their building an hour or so before the attack. Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. sorry, poor little triggered racist snowflake,


Does Winnie The Poo have jaundice ?


Probably. The liberal media hasn't been doing so hot.


Your post makes no sense. The victim was a gay, black man who plays a gay, black character. He was clearly targeted, and a noose around a black person's neck is a statement. Of course, white supremacists would jump on your post to justify their own biases.


The liberal anti-Trump MSM constantly lies and they have no qualms about spinning any story to make Trump supporters look bad, even if this means inventing things that didn't even happen.