Do recruiters discourage you even though you are totally qualified?

I saw an army recruiter last Monday, 6 days ago. He really took the time. Really explained a lot of things to me. He asked about my health. Like if I had any major problems. Asthma and the like. I never had any of that. Okay. Then he asks me about tattoos. Never had a tattoo. I guess he assumes I am a citizen (he mentions in passing, but never asks). He asks me about any criminal record. Not in a bad way. Just saying they have to check. I never even had a ticket. He asks about any mental health issues. I say no. He gets a positive look. Says well it all looks good. They weren't busy, so we just talk. He thinks I look smart because I have glasses. Ha ha. He asks why I don't go to college. I told him I am not interested at all in college. Never was. He asks why not, especially since we discussed my good grades and all kinds of leadership roles I've had. Then, he asks what kind of name I have. It's distinctly Jewish. He goes Hmmm. He says Jews are underrepresented in the military. "They just don't join," he says. Then he talks about why I just don't go to Brown or Yale (I live in Rhode Island). He's sort of insisting at this point, saying "I don't think you're a good fit here." I was about to say something, but he cuts in and says he has an appointment. He says this even though he said five minutes ago that he was off work right after talking with me. I texted him, but nothing for awhile. Then, Thursday morning he texts and says *I don't think you will qualify. But I'll be in touch today.* He was NOT in touch that day (which was Thurs.). I have left two voice mails and one text Thursday, Fri, and Sat. No reply. What gives? Is this guy serious?


Not all recruiters select ideal applicants. I served with their errors. Try another.


You might want to consider reading the texts and listening to the voive mails.