I'm visiting a recruiter for a 2nd time. He's talked a lot about bonuses. I want him to stick to what he said. Should I record him (audio)?


They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Nothing the recruiter says should be taken as being true. Why bother recording him when this doesn't matter, because you can't sue.


Get it in writing


No, the written contract is where it should be written down, read it before you sign it as that is the ONLY thing you will be employed to do and the only bonuses that are due to you


Sorry, but contracts do not work that way. You will sign a contract for enlisting. All the conditions are in the contract. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, the only conditions that apply are the ones in the contact, you can not have other documents or verbal conditions on the contract that modify it or change it without them being added as an signed amendment to the contract. So record all you want, it will not matter. When they put the contact in front of you, that is what the deal is. I suggest you read it.


I would tell him you want to record it because you have a hard time remembering it. If he says to just take notes, tell him this is much easier so that there isn't any confusion. If he's refuses to talk to you while recording, then be very blunt and tell him you've heard of issues where sales people say one thing today and change it tomorrow. As long as he gives you a signed document with what you talked about with an expiration date on it then they'll be no need to record.


Get it in writing with very specific metrics for the bonuses.