In all seriousness, soo im in the usmc and her too. Doesn anyone know abou sapper ?


Kevin canales

In all seriousness, soo im in the usmc and her too. But my friend thought would be funny to hide my phone by giving it to another friend. So i asked who had it. And my friend corn bumped into this girls ***. Somehow she asked him if he grabbed her *** while saying she will break his dick. But he said nobody did. However i asked her if she had my phone and she reacted with the same thing ill break your dick. I said she wouldnt because in my mind she wouldnt get near it and i wouldnt allow it. But she somehow used the power of women. And grabbed my shirt and said “i will break your dick than i will sapper you. Than break your dick again” sapper is claiming sexual harrasment too sexual assult. She let me go and the other guy had my phone. SO how in all fairness should a men defend himself if women have so much power in just claiming to be sappered ? I really dont think this is fair for men to be threatened for something so serious. But it could ruin any guys life.