Mixed signals?

so I know a guy, we don't talk to often besides over the internet (yes I know him in real life). he seems almost to embarrassed to talk to me in real life. but randomly if he walks by me, he will turn around, make eye contact with me for a good minute, get a weird almost trying to hold it in smile, and leave. this has happened a few times. hes made fun of me (as a joke not to anyone else just to me) about me saying things. but then theres times he pretends to be a complete douche. like. I posted a picture of my dog because he has sadly passed away, and he started talking about me behind my back but only for about a sentence then seems to try to move onto another subject (I know this because of a friend). he really likes my cat, and it seems like that's the only reason we talk, so he can see my cat, but I recently sent him a video of me goofing around to a song, and he saved it to his phone. (snapchat told me). he said he wanted to meet my cat because he likes him a lot (no not a metaphor for something else this is genuine) but then seems hesitant towards it. he tries not to text me if his friends are near him. help? does he like me or not? does he want to be friends or not? :/


Either ask him about it or leave him. People on the internet won't be able to help you as much as you can help yourself, so just ask him how he is honestly feeling