What would happen if the Venezuelan armed forces were to attack US soldiers stationed in Colombia?

Could that really be an excuse to invade Venezuela? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDwmrXwCiUc


That won't happen.


is that how putin told trump to play it ?


Republicans refuse to believe violence occurs in South America.


I don’t think it would happen because the Russian military is stationed there.


I don't think the US will invade Venezuela or start a war with them. Trump is full of hot air and bluster but not really a man of action. Maduro is probably right. It may not be exactly a repeat of the USA's disastrous involvement in SE Asia but I think they would be as effective in Venezuela as were first the Soviets and later the US and allies in Afghanistan. It would be better for the US and its allies to bring about various pressures, etc. to bear on Maduro to bring about effective changes it what should be a country with a strong economy.


Amerifats shouldn't even be there. Maduro should attack them


Trying to pre-empt the lie from the government used to justify an invasion? They will find one if they decide to invade. One that will later be discovered to have been a total lie, but the government won't let that stop it from doing whatever it wants. Pretty well every US action since the Reagan presidency has followed that pattern of "news" for why we need to attack, followed by the attack. Later, of course, that news turns out to have been BS, but hey, what is done, is done.