What's the difference between munitions and ammunition?

Why does the military call it a munitions dump instead of an ammunition dump. I did google the definition of munitions but that really didn't answer my question.

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Ammunition is what you fire from a gun. Munitions include bombs, mortars, rockets and grenades.


From a dictionary standpoint, there isn't really a difference. From a military logistics standpoint, "ammunition" consists of bullets, mortar rounds, artillery; etc. think bullets, both big and small. "Munitions" will include explosives, detonation cord, grenades, mines, etc. A munition dump is inclusive of ammunition.


munitions is more then just ammo, like grenades, maybe bombs, rockets, etc ....................

Ben: Why not just google it, friend? http

Why not just google it, friend? http://www.differencebetween.net/object/difference-between-ammunition-and-munition/

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The word munitions would include things which are not ammunition.