Antjuan Seawright, a Leftist commentator, was just on Fox News just after the Northam conference. Was Antjuan using Democrat talking points?

He basically charged Northam of making things worse for himself, digging himself a hole. So is that what the Democratic Party already decided before the press conference or is it just Antjuan speaking his mind? I thought Antjuan was wrong. I thought Northam made a pretty good defense for himself. But preconceived talking points don't allow for genuineness except by accident. Mimi, I agree with you about Trump. I think Antjuan thought he was being clever. The Democrats would just respond to Trump negatively should he have stepped in. That's all they do. He is wrong when he says same thing, he's wrong if he doesn't. Antjuan wanted to blame Trump for that yearbook, it seems. abraXus, Hi! How are you doing today? Richard Fowler is doing the same thing as Seawright. So now we have a talking point pattern. I'm not listening to CNN, but I will in a bit. It looks like the Democratic Party already decided what to do, and that is flush Northam, press conference be damned.


I'm watching Fox right now, and I agree with what he said about the Governor, but disagree with him in that Trump should respond to every single thing that happens in politics. The thing with the Governor is none of Trump's business. And a Potus should never tell a Governor to step down.


why are you watching fox news? are you TRYING to rot your brain?


All Democrats think he should resign. He is going to have to, he has zero support from either party for staying on.