Has trump chickened out in supporting Virginia governor?


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He said not a word about Steve King.


For once it appears he's staying out of it, "those without sin be the first to cast the stone". Trump knows better.


And what brand of DVR do you have


He's staying out of it, and he should. I disprove the idea of the Potus weighing in on the removal of a Governor. A Potus can oppose a Governor's policies, and speak out against it. But, anything more than that is overreach.

serenely, soMEone

He didn't support a politician. He defended a right.


Trump was found to be discriminating against African Americans in housing. Now he has the gall to criticize someone else for past insulting acts when his were actually discriminatory. Add to that the more recent comment that there were fine people aligned with the KKK and Nazis and his criticism gets even more hypocritical.


If he were a Republican, Trump would give him a big sloppy kiss and the medal of freedom.


He's a busy guy.