Isn’t the biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans, that when a democrat tells you their positions on matters,?

You can agree and understand what their positio is,. But when Republicans voice thei beliefs, Democrats say, no it isn’t, then proceed to tell you what YOU believe.


liberal democrats are so much beloved by the public they riot,copper brutality,no food no poopoo paper in oil rich venezuela dems have been hollering stupid at dissenters for 30 years in the press schools from government,currently in office,those out of office frankly some of the repubs aka RINOs like boehner the dope dealer deserve it,,,& they blame rush & other sqwakytalky am radio guys instead of themselves


Democrats say, no it isn’t, then proceed to tell you what YOU believe. Very, very common and it isn't only the left wing hacks that are doing that, but our media has been doing it for the past 10/15 years.


IMHO Democrats believe that the government has to solve all our problems. They are wise and caring and we can not take care of ourselves. So every aspect of our lives must be regulated and controlled because they know better than us what is good for us. On the other hand the Republicans believe government is bad and it gets in our way and restricts us too much. If we own some land we should be able to strip mine it and no one should be able to tell us we have to clean it up after we are done, after all, it is our land. They both go too much to the extreme and both are unwilling to meet somewhere in the middle. So lately when the Democrats have control they pass restrictive laws and when the Republicans get control they void out those laws. The partisan fighting in Washington is bad for the USA but neither party cares, they only care about getting reelected.


why do you put people into categories like that? you realize the country doesnt work like that, right? not everyone in a category believes the same things - it just makes you look really stupid


Republicans have common sense. Democrats get their beliefs from communism.


Republicans get carpal tunnel (repetitive motion stress from being wrong so often).


Democrats always lie and Republicans don't.


That's what parrots and puppets are supposed to do.


ah, a con and his projection


Goth boi clique in the castle

Actual Llewen


Justin Thyme

Lol. They try to tell others what to believe,.It only works on gullible uninformed people.