I've been listening to Ocasio-Cortez's interviews to give her a fair shake and not judge too hastily. Why isn't this working in her favor?

I'm sincere, here. I've been watching uncut videos of interviews and speeches. This kiddo does not look like much help to the Democrats. .


she doesn't have enough life experience to know how reality works


You have a point. She's blunt and forthright- qualities conservatives claim to like. But she does voice semi-extreme positions, and the focus on her is designed to scare middle-of-the-roaders back to the Republican party. I do wish she's stop talking about a 70% tax bracket. For some reason, people who are never going to be anywhere near that bracket seem to be scared by it


She has more to fear from the Democrat elite than the Republicans. She is also insulated and unaware that the rest of the nation does not operate on the rules (or lack of them) of the Bronx. Frankly, there is a lot of hubris, but not a lot of substance there.

The Lone Desert Wolf

If Congress had a short bus that members had to take to work she would be on it... and wearing a helmet.


She lacks experience or sound judgement. I believe she thought changing 'everything' would be as simple as showing up for work, talking crap about Trump, and then dropping the mic to resounding cheers. But of course the reality is that accomplishing anything in government takes butt-loads of work, so she's decided to become a celebrity who talks a lot but does very little; thereby making it seem like she's hot stuff.


shes not here to play with the democrats. shes voicing the opinions of the people she represents even if that upsets complacent centrists


She is the leftist Trump. 2 wrongs don't make a right.


I'm loving her. It is the people of NY that worry me.