Regarding Trump's 2005 infamous audio tape of his lewd, inappropriate and graphic talk about women. So how do women who work?

near or with Trump even bear being in the same room with him, looking at him, or talking to him. If it was me, I would have to hold my stomach to keep throwing up constantly. How do the women do it?

Dances with Weed

Why is this generation such p*ssies?


Those working for and near him, at least in his corporation. We higher paid and had higher positions then the national average. Maybe they ignored the crude crap that came out of his mouth becouse they saw, he promoted results.


Maybe they do or maybe they don't. Maybe some people who work for Hillary who heard her laughing about getting a rapist off feel the same. Or maybe they are sickened by her husband for obvious reasons or some of her many friends like Weinstein and Weiner. Politics is a cesspool and most of them are corrupted.

Uncle Pennybags

Are you really such a frail flower that a guy who engaged in some sexual boasting or locker room talk with some other guy would really prevent you from even being around the guy? I'm betting women in his orbit do it because they aren't little snowflakes. They realize the guy is a womanizer, but he's got an important job to do to right the country and they want to help.