Does anyone really believe the latest alt-right lie that liberals support infanticide?

How stupid can you get?


Fecking moron. One does not have to be an alt right to be outraged by latest abortion laws. Virginia Governor himself admitted that newborn can be left to die in that latest bill


Yeah, why would we believe their own words? How silly! Look out, grandma, you're next. Especially if you are white.


Yes! How else would you explain the fact that liberals submitted legislation that would permit abortion pf babies up to the moment of birth, and even after birth. Liberals even cheered the law when its submission was announced.


Regressives did elect Chump for his “integrity” so I would say pretty stupid.

The Oracle of Omigod

How dare people believe their lying ears.


That IS what the Governor of Va said. It is also not so far from what Cuomo said.

The Game

funny, libs defend murdering babies , daily.


The New York abortion law removed protections for children who survive being aborted. No need to do that if they are not intending to kill survivors.

Beverly S

Go to CNN's facebook comments & look at what they are saying..


liberals are stupid


Conservatives can get pretty stupid.