Is the left angry at Trump because he follows Jesus and incorporates his faith into the presidency?

Finally! A real man of God. Hallelujah!


You should mark this sarcasm lest you be taken seriously. You can't be careful enough these days.


Trump a real man of God? That's funny.




are you crazy? Name one commandment he does not violate continuously. The only things he incorporates in his presidency is profit and obsequious behavior towards dictators


God brought floods, famine, plague, and pestilence. Now he brought us soulless Trump's reign of treasonous greed and stupidity.


hahaha ... you're kidding ... we all know how the commandments trumps breaks offends REAL Christians who get offended by his adultery, lies, doesn't go to church etc. Or how Christians get offended by the frequency trump commits the deadly sins. He doesn't have an ounce of humility so we know his pride is off the charts, he's in the process of the most vacation time so there's the sloth, greed is how he saved himself millions w/ tax reform, gluttony (just look at him), lust ... hahaha, we heard him say his celebrity is a green light to snatch vulvae, anger? ... are you kidding me? ... he was investigated for inciting a riot in Carolina.


Anti-Christ Trump does not follow Jesus. Try again, troll.


It is Putin--not Jesus that Moscow Don follows. Trump hasn't gone to church once in two years. Trump worships at the altar of Wall Street money lenders.


The left is just angry. Period.