Seeing how Trump fixed the economy by unleashing the free market, is it painfully obvious that Obama's over-regulation is what collapsed it?



Unleashing the free market to enslave you. Just curious who do you think these markets were protecting us from? That Trump had to unleash them to fix the economy. I will wait.


Except that it collapsed under Dumbya and recovered under Barry.


It didn't collapse it. But it is responsible for the slowest recovery in American history.


At what price? Coal mines do not have to follow clean water regs. Coal plants do not have to follow clean air regs. Oil and gas industry are free to explore and drill on pristine wilderness lands


Obama didn't trigger the recession, but he certainly worsened and prolonged it. The primary fault lies with the Federal Reserve.


What collapse under Obama? He fixed an economy falling flat on its face that he inherited from his republican predecessor. You might want to check on things like that before you sound stupid again.


Of course.


The ease with which Trump turned the economy around is all the proof needed that 0bama was deliberately " sandbagging " it .

Mario Antero


They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

He also set loose the deficit.


I can only assume that you are joking since Trump has created a situation where US industry is in greater need of subsidies than ever before, something the total opposite of a free market. Farmers are suffering due to his ill advised tariff war not only against the Chinese but against every US trading partner. His massive tax break to the rich was a subsidy in disguise which, despite his claims, has not had any significant increase in economic growth, specifically employment. Any employment growth was already planned, none of the additional hiring was due to the tax break and most businesses merely used the money to increase their bottom line or reduce the number of outstanding shares thereby creating a greater earnings per share ratio for the large investors. As for regulations yes, Trump has decreased them significantly in several areas. Thanks to Trump companies have to be less careful of the environment, can mine/drill in areas that were previously protected due to their environmental sensitivity, and raise funds using the same methods that were, at least in part, responsible for the recession that Obama inherited. While that is good for companies in the short term the long term health effects on the general populace will most likely be negative and economists are already noticing signs that another, hopefully smaller, recession is around the corner. One positive thing Trump has done is force long term trading partners of the US to look elsewhere for markets and sources of supply which will ultimately benefit them. If Trump continues doing so the US will find itself no longer the primary economy in the world and soon it will have even less influence on the international scene....oh wait, guess that is not a positive. Another "benefit" of Trump's existing policies is a doubling of US annual debt that is expected to continue for at least a year. As a result Trump is giving countries like China. a large holder of US debt, even more leverage in the economic battle that is raging through Trump's tariff wars.

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Bush started it he wasn't a liberal


darn that Obama for wanting to keep the air and water clean .


Uh... no. Because Obama fixed the Bush recession.


There is nothing "Free Market" about Tariffs.