Should Trump shut down the government?



No but he should shut up his big mouth.

Atheist Dude

He did re popened it.


No he should go fk himself


Give him a chance , he's still got to close down democracy first .


You mean should Trump shut down the government again. It all depends, he has already caused massive drops in the stock market and a reduction in economic growth for the year with his last shutdown. And yes it was his and his alone, he had agreed to a temporary funding bill, it was passed by both parties, then he changed what passes for his mind. At least Trump finally set a real record, the longest shutdown of the government in modern history. Another shutdown will reduce the US economy further and it will all fall in his, and Mitch's lap, despite the hopes and dreams of his followers. If only Trump knew how to negotiate instead of threaten and throw tantrums he may have had his wall, on wait, he could have but he would have actually had to negotiate a compromise to do so and refused.

The Taxpayer



time to shut down trump .


Because democrats dont want to give him his wall.

The Game

Yes, Nazi Piglosi is a stalling, do nothing whiny bytch


Yes. No wall. No work! Is this any different than No Justice. No shopping or driving?


If he has to. Don't question Trump's strength or second guess his wisdom


Trump should go back into the New York Real Estate Business and leave Americans alone.


It does seem screwing up this country is his sole purpose.


Again? Why? It didn't work out very well for anyone last time.


He already did, well partially anyway.


At least the democratic party especially after the bill they signed into law just recently.

Mike L

No, he should keep it open and learn to negotiate and govern.