What will it take to repair the fabric of America?

or has it become tattered beyond repair?

Spock (rhp)

if China attacked us in the South China Sea, that would probably do it

The Oracle of Omigod

It will take a centrist politician who everybody likes (Think JFK). We also need to get past what happened 20 generations ago and hatred of people because of their surface pigmentation.


Postmodern thinking (so well imbued by the media and college profs) has changed our society to more of a "dog-eat-dog" culture (Foucoult, others), driven by group/tribal/ political party rivalry. I don't think there is any turning back although I gope this trend changes.

pit bulls bite

trump is repairing it

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Actual



deport anyone who thinks America isn't great


Support the policies of Donald J. Trump. The first non politician to put America back on the tracks of doing what is right for everyone in this Nation.