Why do cons insist everybody to graduate from college when they haven't done so themselves?


Mick Rogers

More Conservatives have actual college educations than the left does. By the way, "Gender Studies" isnt education.


Google translate has failed you again.

The Game

I bet cnn told you that and you are stupid enough to actually believe it.

Justin Thyme

Opinion. Not fact.


We just prefer that you be able to think. Something that clearly eludes you.

The Oracle of Omigod

I not only do not insist that, I think journey level electricians will be making as much as doctors in 20 years. Plus, half the people going to college are not qualified to have a degree - they are too damn dumb.

Liberals sequester from fact

Try and get a job with your gender studies major and liberal arts studies. Good lyck you will need it.


With a surplus of college grads these days , if asked for advice I usually suggest trade school .


I think you're missing out some of the context of what they're telling you. I can't think of any instances where I've heard a conservative say "graduate from college"; however, I do know that many of them criticize degrees often classified as useless (such as gender studies, queer studies, etc.) or recommend that people enroll in technical colleges to gain practical skill sets that often aren't taught in universities. Still, I'm aware of many conservative families where the father and/or mother works hard and saves their earnings so that they can greatly contribute to the higher education of their children. Many of them want their kids to have better jobs than they have, and push them to graduate from college themselves. But, other than that, many conservatives don't care if most people go beyond highschool.


Well, you will NEVER have that 'problem,' so it is a moot point.


That is the way they tell those who have been laid off when their jobs have been outsourced to China. Get more training or higher education. Some cons, however, now tell people college is not worth it because they realize that the more education a person has, the more likely he/she will become a liberal.


LOL They don't even want people to finish high school.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

When did conservatives start to demand that? Most claim high school is a waste once you learn to read the bibble.