Why do Hollywood celebrities get so political all the time?


Doc Awesome

Corporatism demands it of them and they're media whores.


Like most all Liberals , Hollywood celebrities grossly overestimate themselves .

Spirit of All

Free speech and opinions


Some do, others don't. Either way, it's their choice and none of your business.


to be a "celebrity" you HAVE to have a HUGE ego & a HUGE ego means YOU think your opinions are important ...................


because they can


Maybe you didn't realize in America EVERYONE has the right to their opinion.

Love Unites

They have the right to express their political views just as anyone else does. Also, they get asked political questions a lot when being interviewed. The media has fed their egos led them to believe everyone wants to know their stance on politics and current events.

Not You

Everyone likes to talk about their political views, more so if you're life is just people wanting your opinion on everything.


We all like a platform to air our opinions -- they use the media ,you use this site . Same thing in the end -- they just get more thumbs either way .

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Do they really? Or is it just when they speak, you slavishly listen to them? They don't talk politics any more than normal people. You just get your feelings hurt when someone you've been whacking it over doesn't agree with you. You're angry that some guy you saw in a movie, who you identified with as the "hero" thinks your ideas and by extension you are trash.


Because that is their right as residents of the US. You just appear jealous that their voices get heard more.