Help, i m extremely upset and are my parents correct?

Sooo today I hung out with a friend. But we got lost from my dad. We were in a store and had no idea he was it with us, so we went out and started looking for him. Both our phones died so we couldn t call. We waited over at his car and were honestly so scared and it didn t come across us to call on someone elses phone which is what my mom is mad at me for. She yelled at my friend and called him a shfgt and all that and told him never to talk to me. She than took my phone. Is she right or wrong? A "shfgt" is a sh/t. I was just worried yahoo wouldn't let me say it and i'd have to type it out again.


Your parents were terrified. They were a LOT more scared than you two were. It'll work itself out with some time.


You perhaps should have waited inside the store but by the front door. Your father could have found you more easily there. Or you could have had your father paged over the stores intercom system. Asking him to meet you at a certain spot. Live and learn.

Jon: Have I got this right

Have I got this right: You, a friend, and your father went into a large shop. You and your friend got separated from your father. (While you had mobile 'phones with you, they had flat batteries, so could not contact him that way) You and your friend went to your father's car which was parked nearby. All this sounds perfectly sensible. When I was a teenager, before there were mobile 'phones, that is exactly what any sensible teenager and parent would have done in the same situation. It is just logical. The two of you and your father could have kept circulating round a large shop looking for and keeping missing each other for a long time: his car by contrast was an obvious fixed point where he was bound to return eventually. Surely any adult involved in such an event,, like your father, would also soon realise that and go and look at the car. I'm pretty sure this sort of thing did occasionally happen to me and others I knew when I was a teenager, but it would be too insignificant an event to be a solid and lasting memory. You got separated from others, you went to the logical place to regroup, you all carried on, no big deal. I don't understand why you were scared. It was just a matter of waiting. Your mother's reaction, presumably when she learned of this later, does not seem to make any sense. This very minor incident is no reason why you should cease contact with this friend, and certainly no reason for your mother to swear at him (most embarrassing for you, and demeaning for her). Your mother's preferred solution seems odd. Most anxious parents emphasise to their children that they should not talk to strangers. Getting angry because you did not approach a complete stranger and ask to be allowed to use their mobile 'phone is odd.


She over-reacted with anger out of fear, understandable but no not right in my opinion. Not sure how old you are but you guys panicked as well so that didn't help. Once everybody cools, tell your mom how scared you were and that you freaked...then apologize, maybe she will too.


Your Mom is wrong


I think she should have believed you two....both of you should explain it to her


In the future (if you get separated from you parent in the mall and your phone is dead), find one of the mall's security officers. He'll be wearing some sort of uniform and will have a badge that identify's him as security. He'll page your dad over the PA system.


Your mom is right You have a responsibility to keep that phone charged, a responsibility to carry around a small battery pack to make sure it stays charged, you also wandered off and claim its yoru dad's fault for you being stupid and walking off.


So you disappeared with a boy, and wouldn't answer your phone, and you wonder if your parents had a right to be furious? I tell you, *I* am having a hard time believing this story, and you have no reason to lie to me. Both your phones died? What are the odds?


Going outside was the worst thing you could’ve possibly done. Stay inside and look for your parents!