How to get over the trauma of my lying broke loser ex?

How to get over the trauma of my lying ex? My ex lied and told me he’s rich when he was struggling to survive. If I married him like we planned, i would’ve ruined my life! He wanted things split 50:50 even though he was 12 years older than me and had 2 kids already! I’m very beautiful and smart! I’m currently in my mid 20s and an alumni of a top 60 university. I also will have my mba/md by 2022. So, I’m up there! I also used to model. I’m traumatized bc I think men are supposed to take care of their families. But, his stupid self has me traumatized. He’s now deported back to his country and struggling even more! No support from anywhere. What a loser lol. He had his own store so that Aided in my confusion


What country are you in?