Parents are super strict?

im a 13 year old girl and my parents (expically my step dad) wont let me close my door, stay up past 9 or basically do anything that my friends are doing. i cant have my phone past 9 at night and i got it taken away for a whole month because i got my hoodie out of the dirty laundry sksksksksk


You're still a kid. You may be a teen but you are far away from being an adult. Start to act like one and gain their trust and you will be given more freedoms.


Sometimes it helps to have another adult talk to your parents. Do you have an aunt or an uncle? Ask them for help. BUt decide what it is you really want- because it will also cost something, somehow. Being a step dad isn't easy, and he may not know what other kids are doing. He also may not care- parents don't get their ideas from kids, but they may listen to other parents. And you may also find yourself just waiting to get to 18 before you get to do fun things late at night- but there is still plenty of time. You're only 13, and that's very young. Just keep in mind that people like your stepdad who may not have much experience, don't want anything to go wrong. It may be horrible, but he's really trying to protect you, and it isn't easy for him,either. I had one of those, and had to be in by 10 in my senior year. Just know it's a lot better than not having a dad at all.


You're 13. What you want is irrelevant and no one cares. Suck it up, do what your parents say, and stop being such a brat.


Cheer up.Your mom may become a widow.

Elaine M

So GROW UP and learn that what you're doing isn't up to what you SHOULD be doing. The rules get less when you start acting like an adult.


For one thing, stop acting like a spoiled brat. Now get back under your bridge, TROLL.


my dad isnt nearly as bad. he's still pretty bad. but my dad is my teacher. also, this kid right here has nasty parents, and has EVERY RIGHT to be mad. I recommend getting a journal with a good lock (not a cheep tiny one)


It sounds to me like your parents may be a bit too strick. I can tell you though, its better to have parents that care for your well being, even though they may be a bit too strick. Having parents that let you do anything you like and dont care for you is not good overall. Always cherish your family if they are good people, you will miss them when you lose them.


What a little baby you are, they are NOT strict at all. You don't need to shut the door. Its not even your room, it belongs to your PARENTS and if they want it open then it has to be open. You don't need to be up late, you are a CHILD and a child needs sleep You don't need the phone at all and don't need it at night and don't need to be up on it all night testing pedos Its good it was taken away since you are a stuipid child in need of a smacking


Stop being stupid and maybe those things will change.