Why are liberals getting butthurt over Trump when we all knew he was not going to be warm and cuddly like Obama?


Concerned Dad

They're butthurt because they miss having a push over as president rather than one that will actually drive change. It's even worse for liberals because his base fiercely defends and backs him and the American way.


Everyone should be up in arms about what he has done to the country.


Arnold? You must be a new sock account for Libcrusher.


Because they are still ALL living in a delusional world and wait for Hillary to be president.

Vincent G

Because Trump did not win the popular support; does not handle himself with the dignity the position entails; is an international liability, inconveniencing and insulting allies while pandering to despots; is a lying cheating, scheming idiot who is painting the US in a bad light; is quite likely a traitor who is following Putin's instructions, and that unless he is forcibly removed, can cause even more damage in the next two years. Now, do you get it?


hmmm.. "butthurt" "warm and cuddly" Arnold: another conservative trolling for young boys.


When you said warm and cuddly and Trump in the same sentence, I threw up a little in my mouth.


Because no one knew the depths of his wrong-doing. Members of the Trump Team lied to the public for months before Donald Trump was elected — and then repeatedly after he took office. They lied to Congress as lawmakers sought to investigate Russia’s attack on American democracy in 2016. And they lied to the FBI, even when they knew lying was a crime. In indictments and plea agreements unveiled over the last 20 months, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has shown over and over again that some of President Trump’s closest friends and advisers have lied about Russia and related issues. WHY ARE THEY ALL LYING? Maybe a small percent of Americans are in denial, but the rest of us want to know.


Trump is only warm and cuddly with Putin.